Effective August 23, 2019

Due to biosecurity and regulations, the Feed Dept of Ag Valley Co-op will no longer

be accepting the return or refilling of used tote bags.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



The Ag Valley Feed Division provides feed and livestock equipment at seven different locations throughout Southwest Nebraska. We also have three grind and mix facilities that service our trade area; one in Norton, KS, and in Maywood and Eustis, NE.

We currently have 3 full time sales people, 6 delivery trucks, a 60-foot flatbed and a 30-foot gooseneck trailer to provide excellent customer service. Our well-trained location managers can also help customers with their livestock needs.

We offer high quality feed product, custom formula, Ag Valley mineral as well as Hubbard and Purina products. We are authorized dealers of Sioux Livestock Equipment and Priefert Ranch equipment; L & H Livestock Equipment, Stay Fix and Gallagher Fencing Equipment and carry creosote posts and Red Brand barbwire, as well as Red Snapper fencing supplies.  Contact your local Ag Valley feed salesman for more information about the products we offer.

With harvest in full swing and grain fields opening up, we look forward to moving cattle into newer grazing situations like corn stocks.

As we move the cattle to the corn stalks, we need to think about how much corn is really out in that field. Before opening the gate to put the cattle into the corn fields, take the time to do a walk around. If you have any doubt on how much corn is really out there, we have a product to put your mind at ease. We carry several products that contain Sodium Bicarbonate and will help with over consumption of grains left over in your fields. Products like Ag Valley Corn Stalk Mineral and Buffer tubs. These products can help in the aid of stopping acidosis in the rumen and keep your cattle on the fast track to putting on weight before the winter months really set in. We recommend getting these products in front of your cattle at least 2 weeks before introducing them to a field that might have too much grain on the ground. With all the wind this year and crops stress in areas, this is a big possibility.

 Ag Valley carries a multitude of loose Minerals, Mineral Tubs and Protein tubs or we can customize a ration that can fit your needs with winter coming on to supplement your cattle.

Let us at Ag Valley help you with your needs at one of our locations.